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The Department was started in 2016. The Department offers a Post Graduate Programme, an Add on Course for 1st semester degree students and an open course for 5th semester degree students.

Environmental Science is an interdisciplinary field and a branch of science that delves into the effects of physical, chemical, and biological conditions of the environment and in turn their effect on organisms. It also provides an integrated and interdisciplinary approach to the study of environmental problems. As a matter of fact, besides the study of biological and physical characters of the environment, it covers the social and cultural factors and impact of humans on the environment also. The Department, however, also envisages an advanced study of climatic change, conservation of energy, biodiversity, ground water and soil contamination and the technologies developed to arrest/treat air and water pollution, Industrial pollution, and plastic menace.

M.Sc Environment Science students, thus, can acquire in-depth knowledge and skills in many aspects like sustainable management, environmental pollution control, land and soil management, waste management, waste water treatment, Environmental Impact Assessment, GIS and Remote Sensing, disaster management etc. Students who pursue M.Sc Environmental Science gain efficient management skills and get well versed in understanding complex challenges associated with the environment.

Fieldwork is a key part the PG Programme in Environmental science, here.. It would involve travelling to different range of habitats and climates focussing on a particular ecosystem and involve a significant amount of work in a single location. The programme has also a strong practical component within which there is specialist training in a wide variety of field and laboratory techniques.

Importance of Environmental Science includes to Realize That Environmental Problems are Global, to Understand the Impacts of Development on the Environment, to Discover Sustainable Ways of Living, to Utilize Natural Resources Efficiently, natural resources bring a whole lot of benefits to a country, to Shed Light on Contemporary Concepts Such as How to Conserve Biodiversity and to Learn and Create Awareness About Environmental Problems at Local, National and International Levels.

As Environmental Science is a broad term that incorporates various activities towards protecting the environment, thus offers plenty of employment opportunities for not only environmental scientists, but also for environmental biologists, environmental engineers, environmental modelers and environmental journalists. It can be put under the following: Industrial Sector: Research and Development, Forest and Wildlife Management, Social Development, Environmentalist, Environmental Journalism, Consultants, Environmental Scientist, Environmental Consultant, Environmental Science Manager, Lecturer, Wildlife Film-maker, Environment Photographer, Environment Journalists, Conservation Hydrologist, Director of Waste Management


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